Institute EuroSchola

We are a long-term successful educational organization that helps achieve a balance in the development of human resources.

The mission of the organization

The Institut EuroSchola supports the sustainable development of society through lifelong learning, competitiveness, and international cooperation.

Who are we?

  • Accredited educational organization
  • Competence center for cross-border cooperation
  • Organization working on European projects
  • Initiators of development projects in the field of human resources

What can we offer you?

  • Team growth courses with a significant outdoor element
  • Corporate education in soft skills and management skills.
  • Involvement in cross-border and international cooperation.
  • Psychological support for managers.
  • Accredited psychodiagnostics for selection procedures and assessment/development centers.
  • Informal education for young people and youth workers.

What do we possess?

  • Expert and „passionate“ lecturers
  • Accredited educational modules
  • Experience from a large number of implemented European projects in the field of human resources development and cross-border cooperation (CZ/PL and CZ/SK) since 2000.